a) Photo Story


The torment had gone far enough. The Baseballs could no longer take the pain and brutal suffering inflicted by the Wooden Maple Bat. The time had come to end the Bat’s bullying once and for all, eliminating its ability to harm any more of the Baseball Clan’s members. The Lead Baseball had a plan, a plan that could either save the Clan or cause a lifetime of pain and agony from the Wooden Maple Bat.

Bat-Day has come. The Baseball’s rose together as one defeating the Wooden Maple Bat, protecting their home.


One thought on “a) Photo Story”

  1. A successful photo story built around the “Revenge of the Strawberries” narrative. Especially nicely done are the use of the darker colored baseball to help indicate leadership, the staging of the baseballs in image 3 to indicate their new organization, and the “over-the-shoulder” framing in image 8 to show the trashcan in the distance (which presumably is the parallel to the blender in Revenge).

    There are some puzzling elements:
    – Why four bats in image 1 but only one in all the rest?
    – Why do images 1, 2, and 4 feature the darker ball, but none of the rest?
    – Images 5, 6, 7, and 9 seem to all serve the same function here (to show the balls carrying the bat away). Only one was probably necessary.
    – A concluding image showing the “new normal” without the bat(s) is a good idea, but it’s not clear in image 10 what has changed. Perhaps this is because of the choice of where to stage those balls: are they on home plate? But why? That’s not clear.

    The Author’s Statement is largely absent – including the paragraph summary you wrote for class last week was a good idea, but the Statement asks for you to discuss some other elements of your own thought process in constructing the story, and those are missing.

    Overall, though, this story does a fine job leading us through the conflict and resolution of the story.


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