d) Interactive Fiction

A Dog’s Morning is an interactive fiction where you’re a beagle puppy living in a beach town in California with a single bachelor, named Steven. This entire interactive game takes place before Steven wakes up on a Saturday morning, where the player has to decide the decisions/ course of Turbo’s morning before his Master wakes up. For every good decision Turbo makes his treats go up and for every poor decision he loses treats. To complete the game, you are seeking to have a good and fun morning without doing anything that will make Steven unhappy resulting in you missing out on a day of beach activities. This game is based off of the interactions a puppy has with itself deciding whether or not they should make a certain move which can be determined by the number of treats Turbo has and the outcome of Turbo’s morning.

@htarkington13 responded to my rough draft post, INTERACTIVE FICTION BETA 0.1 “A DOG’S MORNING”. Commenting,

“I thought this game was super cute! Seeing through the eyes of a puppy was humorous.
1.What is/are the goal(s) of this game? The goal is to go throughout the morning in the life of a puppy.
2.What are the main game verbs/mechanics in this game?
You can make messes and explore the world through a puppy’s eyes.
3.What makes this game fun? Explain.
The game is made fun by the puppy’s excitement about the world.
4.Is anything confusing about this game? no it is very clear
5.How could this game be improved?
stats or a point system to make it more like a game”

Number five is where I made my big time adjustments in my creation of A Dog’s Morning (proofing copy). I had my game statistics predetermined but yet applied them into the game because I needed to finish all of the alternate endings where passages twisted and connected to complete the story differently varying on the player’s decisions.


DESIGN DOCUMENT (storyboarding)


3 thoughts on “d) Interactive Fiction”

  1. Quick heads up – that proofing copy link doesn’t work, at least for me. You may need to copy all and paste it into a document and upload that instead. (We can troubleshoot tomorrow in class if needed.)


  2. This project took some effort to get off the ground, but the response and changes made to it from the playtester feedback is solid. The assignment asks you to use two statistics but there is only one – the treats number – here, so that keeps the game somewhat limited in terms of player agency and interactivity. But as we mentioned in class several times, the writing of this IF was very nicely done: you’ve gotten us inside the head of a puppy in a very sweet and engaging way. 🙂 The Author’s Statement does a solid job addressing the elements of the process and explaining how you responded to playtester feedback. Overall, solid work.


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