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Five of the most influential media artifacts throughout my childhood were most of all the nineties Nickelodeon cartoons, the Playstation, MySpace, Super Smash Brothers (on Nintendo then later on the GameCube and the Wii), and lame I know, High School Musical.

1.) Nickelodeon 90’s Cartoons

 Every nineties baby grew up watching cartoons on one network or another, and if you were one of those unfortunate few who didn’t watch any… I’m sorry. Rocket Power was my all time favorite, where my neighborhood buddy and I would go skateboarding or biking pretending we were Otto and Twister. Hey Arnold is a cult classic that deeply influenced my childhood giving me an illusion of what life growing up in the city may have been like allowing me to build relationships with the characters in the show.

2.) Playstation

The original Playstation is my fondest memory of my media experiences throughout my childhood, playing all of the new sports games with the “best graphics” at the time. The Triple Play Baseball game, the entire Crash series, Slugfest, NHL, Madden, all of the newest and coolest games were accessible and I didn’t miss any of them.

3.) Gameboy

Gameboys have been my go to system since I was a sick cancer patient, where my Mom’s good friend who was an employee with Microsoft was able to get me an original Gameboy before they were even released. Super Mario Bros was the only game I would ever play, and I would play it for hours. Once the Gameboy Color then Gameboy Advanced were released I went out and bought the newer models but stayed loyal to Super Mario Bros until Super Smash came out.

4.) Super Smash Bros 

Super Smash Bros for Nintendo was the best thing that happened to my gaming world outside of all of my sports games. The kindling romance between Super Smash and myself really went into full swing my freshman year of high school where my buddies and myself would brawl all night after practices every night of the week.

5.) High School Musical

I’m going there and I’m admitting it. High School Musical was the BOMB dot COM. I was an athlete throughout my youth, one of those jock, but I was also a choir nerd. Our choir wasn’t too shabby either performing and winning gold at Carnegie Hall in New York, New York my sophomore year. Honestly, I have never been one to care what others think (due to my unique life I have lived) but all of my jock buddies always ragged on me for my singing and after watching HSM I absolutely no longer worried about how I was perceived and just did whatever my heart desired.

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