Wil’s Story

My name is Wil Schommer, Wil with ONE “L”. I’ve grown up with an unique life being a very blessed and fortunate pediatric cancer survivor, diagnosed at four with neuroblastoma, a rare and deadly pediatric cancer that most kids do not survive. God, Yahweh, or something out was looking out for me as I endured six rounds of chemotherapy, a bone-marrow transplant, and radiation only to come out with the mere disabilities of a slight hearing loss in my right ear and a dysfunctional left kidney and left adrenal gland. I’ve been a competitive baseball player my entire life just finishing up my final season at Austin College officially retiring from my playing career only to start the next book in my baseball journey as a ball coach seeking my MA at Austin College through the Austin College Teacher Program.

As a child growing up in the digital age, I have been fascinated and interested in all types of medias but have always had an undying love for all sports. My favorite books to read and shows to watch were either about ball type sports, or extreme sports. Rocket Power is my favorite animated show of all time which is about Otto, Twister, Reggie, and the Squid participating in extreme sports like skateboarding, surfing, biking, snowboarding, etc. I have also been into the sci-fi, fantasy genres, where I had a good few year tenure of being an active World of War-crafter.

I am definitely more of a digital type person, but who isn’t growing up in the digital age. I would like to say I could identify myself as an in-between-er because I am physical fit/adventurer junkie along with being a college student who graduated in the first graduating class to have computers in their classrooms K-12. So being a digitalis is near impossible for anyone in my generation, especially when my leisure reading takes place on the Kindle app of my cell phone.

No, I do not hate any specific type of media. I’m personally not into roleplaying type games, whether PC, on a console, or those new crazy app games, but I do not hate them, I more than not really haven’t given them a worthy chance since my WoW days.

I think this class will really help me as a future teacher/coach portray concepts and ideas to my younger students who will always be digitally driven and orientated. This can only help to enhance maximum performance from my future athletes who will able to see and adjust to immediate feedback.


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